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Educational blog from Optimum Oral Surgery Group Dr. Donald G. Rebhun has created this informative blog to help educate the community.

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Types of Malformations That Can Turn Out to Be Oral Cancer
Posted on 9/15/2019 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Oral cancer can be any cancer that is found in the mouth, throat, jaw, or tongue area. There are some malformations that can come about in the mouth that can end up being this type of cancer. If anything is noticed that is not normal, it is important that our office is called right away. We can...

Clenching Teeth During an Accident Can Cause Broken Teeth
Posted on 8/25/2019 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
After a car accident, you will check your body for any signs of injury. You may look for a broken leg or arm or some other form of trauma to your body. If you do not hit your mouth or jaw on anything during the accident, you may assume that means that there is nothing wrong there. What people...

Can You Suck on Ice After Oral Surgery?
Posted on 8/15/2019 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
It is a common practice after surgery for people to turn to ice to keep their mouth and body hydrated. When you are talking about oral surgery, this is not always the best idea. To get the liquid out of ice requires sucking on the ice. This could cause problems for a surgery that many people are...
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