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Managing Bleeding Gums Is Possible
Posted on 7/13/2019 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
If you notice your gums start to bleed when you brush them, it could be a sign that you have gingivitis, the early form of gum disease. It could also be a sign that you are brushing too hard or that you need to use a different toothbrush. Whatever the reason, over half of all people deal with...

What Do You Get Out of Flossing?
Posted on 6/25/2019 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
Have you ever wondered why it is so very important to floss? After all, you scrape some stuff off of your teeth, but they really do not look any different. The truth is, you get a lot out of flossing. That stuff you scrape off of your teeth can damage your teeth, your gums, and even harm the...

Treating Root Exposure Can Help Reduce Oral Pain
Posted on 6/15/2019 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
One of the more common side effects of untreated gum disease is receding gums. This is when the gums pull back from the tooth and shrink backwards towards the root of your tooth. Eventually, as the gum keeps receding, the root of the tooth can get exposed. This is a very sensitive part of your...
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