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Dental Implants

At Optimum Oral Surgery Group, we have been carrying out dental implant procedures as one of the means to address tooth loss for our patients. Statistics show that about 69% of people ages 35 to 44 experience tooth loss due to a variety of reasons, increasing the number of people wanting dental implants every year. Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots that are surgically implanted in the jawbone like drywall anchors that are inserted into a wall. These artificial roots hold artificial teeth, crowns, or bridges in place. Once implanted, the bone tissue of the jaw fuses with the artificial roots, thereby creating a stable foundation.

More Information about Dental Implant Procedures carried out at Optimum Oral Surgery Group

Types of Dental Implants

There is no one kind of dental implant that is suitable for all. We determine the type, size, and shape of dental implants depending on several factors, including the tooth or teeth that needed replacement. Two of the most common types of dental implants include endosteal and subperiosteal implants. Endosteal implants are embedded directly into the jawbone. After this process, another surgery would be carried out to connect a post to the implant. Once this is done, the artificial teeth would be attached to each of the posts.

Subperiosteal implants, on the other hand, are best suited for patients with shallow jawbone or those who refuse to undergo other procedures that will help in rebuilding their jawbone. Instead of individual screws, a metal frame is fitted into the jawbone just below the gum tissue. As soon as the frame is fixed to the jawbone, posts, where artificial teeth will be mounted, will be attached to it.

Benefits of Dental Implants

We recommend dental implants to patients because it is the next best thing to having natural teeth. Since it is implanted into the jawbone just like any regular tooth, dental implants are strong, stable, and can perform the same functions as natural teeth. Considering their mechanism, material, and structure, dental implants can also last for many years or even a lifetime.

Our patients come to us regularly for maintenance, and we advise them on proper oral care habits depending on what we have observed during checkups so that their dental implants can last. Unlike dentures, dental implants allow patients to go about their daily business without having to worry about their teeth falling out. They can eat whatever they want without questioning their ability to chew the food.

They can also talk without having to struggle with pronunciation, laugh freely, and socialize with others without distressing about their teeth slipping. Apart from personal and social benefits, implants also have dental benefits. For one, this is the only dental restoration procedure that can help prevent the bone deterioration and stimulate the growth of natural bone. When people lose one or more teeth, the jawbone starts deteriorating because it is no longer used to support natural teeth. This deterioration is prevented by dental implants. Moreover, replacement teeth or implant restored crowns are practically resistant to cavities.

If you have additional questions about dental implants, call Optimum Oral Surgery Group at (856) 437-4432, and we will be more than happy to address your concerns.

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