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How to Keep Cavities Between Your Teeth from Forming
Cavities between your teeth can be a painful dental problem. However, for the most part, they can be managed to keep them away. If you still develop them, they will grow more slowly, allowing them to get treatment before they become a big problem. If you want to avoid cavities between your teeth, then you need to make sure you are following a solid daily oral hygiene routine, and seeing us every six months for your cleanings and exams.

Keeping Cavities At Bay Means Polishing Your Oral Hygiene Routine

One of the most important parts of your oral hygiene routine when it comes to cavities between the teeth is flossing. If you are not doing it right or not doing it at all, you are going to wind up far more prone to struggling with these types of cavities. Flossing gets a lot of debris out from between the teeth. This decreases the damage bacteria can do, and helps to protect your teeth. If you follow your flossing with a rinse from a high-quality mouthwash, you then help coat your teeth with fluoride and antibacterial agents to further protect your teeth. This way, you use the floss to loosen the debris, and follow through with the mouthwash to coat your teeth with protection.

The best thing you can do outside of keeping up with this routine is to come in and see us on schedule. We need to clean and examine your teeth twice each year in order to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Reach out to us today, and let us help make sure you are not developing any cavities in between your teeth that need treatment!

Why Do You Need to Pay Special Attention to Your Bad Breath?
Do you ever have bad breath that won't go away? If you struggle with bad breath, even now and again, it is something you need to take note of. Bad breath is less a problem and more a symptom of a larger problem. It is telling you that something is going on in your mouth. It could be that you have a cavity forming, you may be struggling with gum disease, or you could have another type of problem going on in your mouth. Instead of trying to cover up your bad breath, consider it a symptom you need to pay attention to. Call us to let us help you manage whatever is going on in your mouth to get you healthy!

Oral Piercings Can Lead to Dental Damage and Oral Infections
While an oral piercing is a great way to show off who you are individually, they are not as safe as you may think. There are tons of problems with them, and the problems range from little more than an annoyance, to a major issue that could affect your overall health. Nearly everyone that gets an oral piercing gets some type of a problem that can be directly traced back to the piercing. We see a lot of chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and a huge increase in gum disease among those with oral piercings. If you want to show off who you are, you may want to consider a different option than an oral piercing.


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